Reliefs and Hieroglyphs from Chamber 2 at Hattusa built and decorated by Suppiluliuma II, the last king of the Hittites. This chamber of Suppiluliuma II is located on the northern corner of “Pond 1” in the Upper City of Hattusa. The pond would have served as a water resevoir for Hattusa. This chamber had to be reconstructed by archaeologists. It was, symbolically, an entryway into the underworld. The inscription describes Suppiluliuma’s various conquests (including that of Tarhuntassa) a Hittite city which had formerly served as the political capital of Hatti during the reign of Muwatalli II. This inscription is historically important since it casts some light upon the serious internal instability, perhaps a civil war, which raged within the Hittite Empire under Suppiluliuma II’s reign. Suppiluliuma II also records the foundation of certain cities and his sacrifices to the Hittite gods in this chamber.