Basalt semi column bearing relief of the goddess Kubaba; cult statue from temple on citadel; holds a mirror and wears massive necklace; wearing long dress with patterns on sleeves; on the curved back Kamanas, King of Carchemish records the building of her temple and precinct and the dedication of her statue.

Kubaba’s temple […] I built, I myself set up my statue in front. I subjected the Pinatean fortresses to Karkamiš and the devastated precincts I [(re)settl]ed.
[…] for Kubaba, Queen of Karkamiš, I Kamanis the ruler made an honoured precinct.
Kings and … lords will come in to pray to her, for [her/me] they will proclaim [me/her] the […]ed.
(He) who shall come against this divinity with malice, or if she shall pass down to (one) who shall…,
and shall not do [good to the] house of Kamanis, or who shall not listen to these words, against him may Kubaba of 100 KISTARA’s litigate, and for him [may she] … […

British Museum – Goddess Kubaba Stele


British Museum Collection
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